Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Following the Soldier's Trail

31st August 2014

By Jack Welch, Volunteer Press Officer

The WITS team returned onto their Bovington trail, as we visited the Tank Museum and a small expedition into Moreton Forest, as we finally started plotting out the location of our brand new caches that will give Geocache or more traditional map and compass hunters the opportunity to discover more about Dorset's role in the First World War.

Before that though, we were invited by the Tank Museum's Exhibition Assistant, Catherine, to be consulted as part of a focus group on their exciting new exhibition soon to be constructed, as a replica of a tank factory. The group were highly impressed by the scale and number of features which will be unveiled to the public by early 2015. Following that, Edward, Douglas and Ashley bravely volunteered themselves for a role in a showcase of various military vehicles in the showground of the museum. With the help of fellow allies, they managed to persuade the pirate villains to surrender themselves!

Making the short hop from the museum to the forest, some group members failed to take proper caution with the puddles that we met on our expedition - some decided to wear sandals and flip-flops for the day! With the obstacle eventually overcome, the group successfully found some discrete spots where the history hunt will soon officially begin.