Tuesday, 28 October 2014

AGM Highlights

22nd October 2014

By Jack Welch, Volunteer Press Officer

Michael receives the envelope which contains the certificate.
After what seems like only a short time ago since the launch of the project to Dorset Youth Association's last Annual General Meeting, the WITS team were back this year to present some of the highlights of the achievements and progress over the past year, which have not only been documented on its own channels., but also in local and national headlines. Attended by a number of volunteers, Jack, Rosie and Michael, the adult volunteer support team was also present for the official reception of the British Youth Council 'Youth on Board' Award for their 'Inspiring Project Award' certificate.

Presented by DYA Chairman, Allen Knott, and outgoing President of the charity, Pamela Seaton, who retires after an incredible 30 years with the Association, the group posed for a photograph to celebrate what has been a tremendous year of success it has been for the project. Delivering a short speech on presenting the record on behalf of WITS and the impact it has had on the community, Jack said "The project solidly proves the talents and abilities of young people in Dorset, who will help lead the way for future youth initiatives for many years to come."

Project Officer, Lorna, also thanked the contributions of the adult volunteers for their involvement in the project and praised the group for their efforts in making WITS a true success.

Dorset Echo article covering the award achievement.
An article was soon published in the Dorset Echo a few days afterwards, which shared the special occasion of receiving the award.

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