Tuesday, 28 October 2014

New Stories in the History Centre

By Jack Welch, Volunteer Press Officer

The team at WITS were proud, after weeks of intensive organising and file identification, to pass over their record of oral history interviews to the team at Dorset History Centre. Containing up to 16 interviews in total, the volunteers for the project have interviewed a variety of people in the Dorset public with memories of relatives who lived or remembered the events of the First World War.

Praised by Maria of the History Centre, she said that there will be more stories to add in the Centre's collection of existing stories by survivors of the period. In addition to the recordings, our current website and trail of history boxes will also be preserved for many years to come. Volunteers Julia and Rosie, who worked many hours in total on abstracts of these recordings, had the honour if handing it over. 

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